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Airplane Accident

Long Beach and Santa Ana Airplane Accident Attorney

Have you been injured as the result of an airplane accident? Then contact the attorneys with the McIntosh Law Corporation that has more than 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured persons after airplane accidents and disasters in Long Beach and Costa Mesa. The attorneys at the McIntosh Law Corporation are skilled at litigating personal injury and wrongful death suits that have come about as the result of an aviation accident. Our areas of specialty include litigation with major air carrier disasters and small aviation crashes involving aircraft and operations, claims against manufacturers, claims against the FAA and more.

Eric McIntosh, Esq., of the McIntosh Law Corporation, possesses an active private pilot's license and is well equipped to counsel clients concerning the rules and regulations by which air carriers must abide.

The attorneys at the McIntosh Law Corporation have earned their reputation for integrity and achievement, in part, through extensive community and industry involvement in Long Beach and Costa Mesa.

Contact Our Experienced Aviation Attorneys in Long Beach or Santa Ana.

Our Long Beach and Santa Ana aviation attorneys work hard to seek justice and preserve the rights of our clients. If you or your family is the victim of personal injury or death resulting from an aviation accident, contact The McIntosh Law Corporation today for immediate help as you begin the path of recovery.

Information About Airplane Accidents and Injuries

Air traffic is projected to double over the next 20 years, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). With the increase in air traffic comes an increase in the risks associated with air travel. While air travel is considered to be a safe method of transportation, just like any other industry, accidents do happen.

Due to the nature of air travel, there may be very little that an individual can do to protect himself or herself from risk, including brain injury, property damage, or death.

When accidents happen in air travel, members of the airline industry are generally responsible for repairing or rectifying any damage. These legally liable parties vary based on the nature of each accident, but may include the operator or owner of the aircraft as well as the federal government, maintenance crew, and even the manufacturer.

Settlements and Damages in Wrongful Death Cases

Traditionally, wrongful death cases are very complicated and involve multiple responsible parties. That's why it is common for injured parties to receive pre-trial and out-of-court settlements from the responsible parties in order to avoid publicity. In return for a settlement, a judge may reduce the charges against a defendant.

In the event of a suit brought on by multiple plaintiffs, if one plaintiff settles with the defendant, then the defendant may waive his or her right to make any claims for co-defendants.

Here's an overview of the different types of liability classifications within the airline industry:

Strict Liability

Strict liability in aviation accidents most often applies to pilot error or manufacturer oversights in which either entity is directly responsible for a crash or injuries.

Criminal Liability

Criminal liability occurs when a pilot or involved entity is found to be guilty of criminal negligent or intent to cause injury or death. A criminal liability charge is often pursued by the state or federal government even when a civil claim has already been filed by an individual. In many cases, a state in which an accident has occurred will file criminal charges against aviators involved in some accidents, citing reckless conduct that has led to injury, death, or property damage.