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Brain Injury

Long Beach and Santa Ana Brain Injury Attorney

Each year, thousands of Americans receive a traumatic brain injury (TBI) through no fault of their own. Once they have experienced a TBI, they may need to take time away from work and have to deal with mounting medical bills. If you are the victim of a TBI, contact an experienced attorney with the McIntosh Law Corporation that can help you or your loved ones wade through the legal waters surrounding these serious injuries. A victim of a TBI will require social legal attention to help them successfully reach a settlement or a court ruling in their favor.

More about Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are unique to each victim. Some victims suffer TBIs because of a cracked skull due to a massive head injury. Other victims have brain swelling that can lead to serious and lasting results. Many TBI patients experience loss of vision, blurred vision, headaches, dizziness and other physical manifestations of brain trauma. Some TBI cases result in immobilization, paralysis, or other debilitating disabilities that may last a lifetime.

Not only do brain injuries affect a person's physical capabilities, but their cognitive capabilities may also be diminished or drastically changed. They tend to process information slower than they were able to prior to the injury. They also may have a more difficult time making judgments, communicating, and behaving normally. Often, victims of a TBI also experience social isolation and alienation as a result of their brain damage.

Because of the sensitive nature of many TBI cases, TBI injuries can sometimes be difficult to detect and diagnose. Without a proper diagnosis, many TBI victims experience additional damage that impacts their way of life. After all, many TBI victims show few signs of a brain injury at all - especially if they do not have bleeding.

In addition to a diagnosis of a TBI, many victims say that they experience a large degree of discomfort brought on by the fact that they are aware of the impairments they have experienced, but cannot do anything about them.

If you or a loved one are the victim of a traumatic brain injury in Long Beach or Santa Ana, contact an attorney with the McIntosh Law Corporation that specializes in dealing with TBI cases. We are able to local the source and cause of the traumatic brain injury and fight for your rights to receive compensation. We know how important it is for TBI victims and their families to go up against insurance companies and liable parties in order to receive the compensation they deserve. Contact us today to get us fighting for your rights immediately.