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Nursing Home Abuse

Long Beach Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

The McIntosh Law Group is your number one resource for information and assistance if you or a loved one has experienced a personal injury as a result of nursing home abuse or neglect. Our experienced attorneys specialize in nursing home abuse and are available to review your case in order to provide helpful information about filing a personal injury claim against parties that may be liable for your injuries.

When it comes to safety and care at nursing homes, the majority of nursing homes across the country provide exceptional service and care to their residents. There are approximately 16,000 nursing homes in the U.S. that will see many of the three million Americans that plan to enroll in residential nursing home programs to take care of them as they age. Many of these nursing home facilities operate year-in and year-out without incident. However, there are exceptions.

If a Long Beach nursing home has inadequate services, untrained staff, or poor operations, residents can not only receive poor health care, but they also may be at risk for injury. When the University of California Department of Social and Behavioral Services conducted a survey of U.S. nursing homes in 2006, it found that 13.3 certified nursing homes had deficiencies and that 13.1 of those deficiencies could cause harm to residents. Of these deficiencies, there were a surprising number of incidents in which residents were not given their medicine on time, resulting in inadequate medical treatment.

Here are the top ten more common nursing home deficiencies, according to the University of California report:

  • 57% for poor food sanitation
  • 61% for insufficient quality of care
  • 8% for failure to meet professional standards
  • 64% for occurrences of preventable accidents
  • 56% for poor housekeeping
  • 8% for insufficient accident prevention
  • 17% for insufficient comprehensive care plans
  • 14% for pressure sores
  • 20% for insufficient incontinence/urinary care
  • 41% for insufficient infection control

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury from abuse or neglect related to these or other nursing home conditions, contact an attorney who is experienced in nursing home claims. Our Long Beach attorneys will provide a consultation to discuss your legal options and provide advice about how to manage compensation claims and settlements with nursing homes and insurance companies. Contact us today to get started with your nursing home abuse or neglect case right away.