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Defective Product Attorney

Defective Products: Long Beach Strict Product Liability Attorney

If you have been injured or been the victim of damage due to a faulty product, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses according to strict product liability laws. Strict product liability laws help to ensure that products are safe for consumers to use as directed. When they are not safe, consumers may have rights to financial compensation to help them recover their losses.

Whenever there has been a defective product resulting in damage, injury, illness, or death, all parties involved with the product may be liable under strict product liability laws. Liable parties may include the product manufacturer, assembling manufacturer, wholesale owner, or even retail store owner.

Many people believe that products are only tangible goods. However, under the legal definition of products, products may be intangible goods, such as gasoline, natural products, such as pets, real estate, such as a home, and writings, such as navigational charts. Therefore, you may be entitled to compensation if you have been injured or incurred damages as a result of any of these products.

Often, injuries and damages are caused when a product is defective. Keep in mind that even when a manufacturer has been careful, accidents may still occur. Therefore, as long as a product can be proved to be defective, a defendant assumes liability for the product.

There are three different types of defects that may cause a manufacturer to be liable for a particular product. These defects include:

  • Design defects. These are inherent defects that exist before product manufacturing. While the product may operate, it may also be dangerous because of a design flaw.
  • Manufacturing defects. These are defects that occur as the product is being manufactured. In many cases, only a few products out of a batch of products are flawed.
  • Defects in marketing. These defects involve improper instructions or failures to alert consumers to product dangers.

If you believe that you have been a victim of one of these defects, keep in mind that you can place a liability claim against any involved party for reasons of negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty of fitness in many jurisdictions.

To help protect consumers, many states have their own product liability laws that allow for statutory provisions against defective products as well. While there is no federal products liability law, many states use a Model Uniform Products Liability Act (MUPLA) to help protect consumers. Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) covers the sale of goods and is the basis for product laws in most states. This article states that products are protected by express warranties of merchantability, which means that products should work properly if they are marketed to do so.

Contact Local Lawyer today for more information about how you may receive compensation for damages that you incurred as a result of a defective product. We're always eager to help you receive the legal advice and help that you deserve to help defend yourself against a defective product and its liable parties.